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The Making of Design Principles

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The Making of Design Principles
by Kyna Leski

Beginnings, new beginnings, the beginner’s mind are vital to an architect at any stage at the outset of a project; the foundation for why one does this over that…a basis for decisions throughout the creative process.
The Making of Design Principles is grounded in the premise that a work of architecture is the science of the unique and unrepeatable—that design principles are developed out of the content, conditions, and forces of each project’s situation. The problem set and work from Design Principles, the first semester design studio at RISD is presented through rich black and white images. Included are texts by Silvia Acosta, Kyna Leski, David Gersten and Stuart Blazer which delve into the connections of language and material, syntax and tectonics.

Forward: Lynnette Widder
Postscript: Nader Tehrani
Publisher: The Rhode Island School of Design Architectural Series 2007
206 pages, 186 black and white images
Dimensions: 9.5 x 6.5 x .625 inches
Book Designed by Nicholas Croft

About the Authors:
Kyna Leski, Professor of Architecture, RISD
Silvia Acosta, Professor of Architecture, RISD
Lynnette Widder, Associate Professor, RISD
David Gersten, Faculty The Cooper Union, Adjunct Faculty, Graduate Studies, RISD
Stuart Blazer, Poet
Nader Tehrani, Principal Office dA, Faculty MIT

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The Making of Design Principles

The Making of Design Principles

Kyna Leski

Whether in her own work, or through her students’
work, Kyna Leski is drawn and dedicated to navigating
the creative process. Over the last twenty one years of
teaching, she has closely witnessed projects pursued
and developed by students at the Rhode Island School
of Design. Professor Leski is the author of the first semester
core architecture design curriculum, given for
sixteen years and to over 1500 students. A book on
this pedagogy, The Making of Design Principles, was
published in 2007. Professor Leski served as the head
of the RISD European Honors Program in Rome from
1993 to 1995; she has taught in the Architecture, Foundation
Studies and Industrial Design departments. The
primary focus of her teaching research is the creative
process and its workings across a broad spectrum of
disciplines. Currently, she is writing a book called
Design Intelligences, which focuses on the design
mind. This year, Professor Leski is the Acting Head of
the Department of Architecture and is a principal of 3SIXØ Architecture, in Providence, Rhode Island.

Kyna Leski earned a B.Arch from The Cooper Union
School of Architecture in 1985 and a M.Arch from Harvard
University’s Graduate School of Design in 1988.
She is an avid rower who can be found most mornings
before dawn on the Seekonk River and Narragansett Bay
in Providence.

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